‘Awakening your inner healing wisdom’

This Group of spiritual pilgrims aims to provide the spiritual and material tools to everyone interested in developing their inner wisdom in order to achieve peace and happiness.

By providing philosophical, spiritual and practical tools from eastern traditions and modern western approaches, we aim to engage in constructive transformation of individuals for social change.

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The wisdom found in the Ayurvedic tradition, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and modern approaches such as the ones developed by Ken Wilber, Jean Shinoda, Deepak Chopra and José María Doria, are encompassed in our constructivist approach to mind-body balance through spiritual development. We rejoice in listening and guiding people that for some reason are immersed in a stressful environment or time, whether in their work, in their personal relationships or spiritual crisis.

The conferences, workgroups and seminars we offer are envisioned to build confidence, hope, self-reliance and community-guided compassion which encompass the personal and others’ well-being as part of one compassionate goal.

Our work is open to all individuals, institutions and companies which are interested in developing not only material and economic profits, but also individual and transcendental peace and happiness. One of the pillars of our group is to recognize and motivate the sense of interdependence. The strength within individuals and collective efforts are rooted in being aware of the responsibility in every act and thus the need to manage the consequences of our actions wisely. If we are aware of it, we can provide new frameworks to interact effectively with ourselves and others, knowing that our happiness is interdependent of others’ happiness.


Courses for Young People

  • The Integral Ethic Discipline
  • Ethic of the New Millenium: guidance for a stronger personal development
  • Meditation: the path to inner wisdom
  • Born to succeed
  • Healthy interpersonal relationships
  • The goddesses in every woman
  • The gods in every man
  • Spirituality in troubled times

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Courses on Education and Health

  • Education in the New Millennium
  • Transpersonal Education
  • The Mayan’s Prophecies
  • The Ten Bodhisattva’s Perfections
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Ayurveda: the path to healthy nutrition
  • Healing our lives
  • The four temptations of old age


Courses on Personal development

  • MEMHO program: Stress Management through Holistic Meditation
  • Creating Peace by Being Peace
  • The Seven Practices of Perennial Wisdom
  • The Nectar of Religions
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Buddhist Ethics
  • The Path of Wisdom
  • Mindfulness: the art of living awake


Courses for Companies

  • Ethical Responsible Company
  • Achieve what you want in harmony with the Universe
  • Ethical standards in companies
  • Understanding the mind of your male client
  • Understanding the mind of your female client
  • Focusing: the power of guided thought
  • The Alchemist power of the mind
  • Techniques to maximize your time

***Please note that we can provide a course or seminar following a particular interest in focus and topic of your institution or company, which are in relation with the ones mentioned above. For other options and prices please contact us:




For us, the most important value is to keep congruence with our teachings and how we live, thus we are fully committed to an individual and collective well-being.


Our seminars and courses are open to all people wishing to transform their lives towards happiness and peace. We value the human being and encourage the compassionate interaction regardless of their religious beliefs, ideologies, race or gender.


Our members are spiritual pilgrims who are committed in their responsibility to bring the necessary tools to construct a better life. By a continuous training program, our team is aware of the latest innovations which are useful to strengthen our effort to help others to awake their inner healing wisdom.


  • Contribute to the holistic development in Mexico through individual transformation.
  • Support every individual to find his/her sacred sanctuary in order to awaken the wise perception of life and the unlimited capacity to overcome suffering through compassionate awareness.
  • Provide the right tools to guide individuals in their own quest for happiness and peace through the complete awareness of their capacity to transform their lives for the benefit of themselves and others.